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Episode #6 9/28/2013
In this episode we start a new segment called Icons Of Horror where are first icon is Michael Myers. We go through the series and which films we liked and didn’t, along with stories of meeting some of the actors who played the character. Ending with a discussion on Graveyard Records and Movie Maniacs wardrobe collection for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2. Find out what happened when some of the actors from the film were reunited with their old wardrobe! We also have a great interview with actor Daniel Roebuck, toy news, convention news, a discussion on haunted houses and attractions. In movie news we discuss the release of the 35th anniversary of Halloween on Blu-ray and the night she came home documentary. Which is a short film documenting Jamie Lee Curtis’s appearance at Horrorhound Weekend where Draven and BASF were in attendance. Find out the comparisons between what you see in the documentary and what both of their experiences were. Our special guest this show is Rubik.
Episode #5 9/14/2013
In this episode we give our review of what we liked and disliked about Horrorhound Weekend Indy, a discussion on the new 1931 Dracula remake that’s planned. Movie reviews of Insidious 2, Lords of Salem, Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, the Friday the 13th Blu-ray set. With toy reviews, convention news, and much much more. Our special guest is Jason from horror related podcast All My Heroes Wear Masks!

Episode #4 8/31/2013
In this episode we do a spotlight on Horrorhound Weekend Indy Sept 6th-8th, We also discuss professional photo ops and multiple items getting signed at cons. With movie reviews,other convention news, toys reviews of the new Neca Freddy Krueger figures, Walking Dead exclusive Rick Grimes, and the new Carrie figures. This episode also features Special Guest Tracy Quinn!

Episode #3 8/17/2013
In this episode we give our review on Wizard World Chicago and Flashback Weekend. We also give a quick review of the film R.I.P.D., talk about the similarities of Army of Darkness and The Great and Powerful OZ and discuss the new Eric Draven Crow figure coming from Hot Toys, Neca Nintendo Freddy, and Walking Dead series 5 from McFarlane Toys.

Episode #2 07/28/2013
We discuss our conventions experiences good and bad, convention updates, greatest era in horror and pre-orders from Graveyard Records also reveals at SDCC.

Episode #1 07/13/2013
In our first Episode we discuss the popularity of the walking dead when it comes to convention appearances, also reboots and remakes in horror. As well as reviews on The Purge, World War Z and upcoming cons like Wizard World Chicago, Flashback Weekend , and Horrorhound Weekend.